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Website Designer Mistakes That Must be Avoided

There are times where you can say that web designing is a very tough job indeed. It’s because when you’re still a beginner, you can be prone to a lot of mistakes, and it’s an inevitable thing to experience during your career. However, it’s fine as a professional because we fail at certain points; it’s a naturally occurring thing for us to learn more. Just make sure that you don’t do it often.

In order to avoid doing those mistakes a lot of times, what you need to know are the different mistakes that you should avoid as a website designer. Here are the following:

Placing Too Much in a Single Page

Always remember that placing a lot of text in a single page is too much to read in a reader’s point of view. There are some who prefer details that are small in just a single page. One or two lines of text is fine enough to read in a webpage. What makes this tip very interesting is that short texts seem to be more appealing, especially if it has a good-quality picture.

Lack of Space

Beginners should make sure that the page will be completed with the necessary information for the sake of the readers’ preference. The space available in your target element must always be used wisely in order to provide a decent way to make it totally readable. Also, make sure that the spacing is just right for each element that’s in use with a text so then it will look ‘clean’ for the readers to view.

Pop Ups

It might be nice to have a pop up dialog box that will show you a message about subscribing to your site, or even provide some nice messages, then take note that it’s not necessary. Pop-ups are known to be a thing of the past, and it’s not a wise decision to consider in modern websites anymore. People tend to seek information, and they won’t even bother reading simple pop-up messages.

Random Site Navigation

The page must lead towards another page that’s relevant to the former. This is known to be one of the most challenging parts as a website designer because you need to organize that site navigation well. If the method of site navigation is really good, the viewers of the website won’t feel too confused on what to do first upon visiting the site. It will help them what part of the site should they take first, and simply go further if there is more interesting info in it.

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