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Video Production For Rookies

Have you always wanted to make your own video production? Well, you can do it, you just need to have the passion. . But you need to keep in mind that saying, “I want to make a video…” is the same as saying, “I want to re-paint my house.” You probably have your paint brush and paint ready, but you need to take the time to learn the best way of painting without making a huge mess.

Just because everyone seems to be doing video production doesn’t mean they are doing it to the standards of a university production. You need to learn three basic steps before you can make your first high quality video.

• Pre-production

This is the stage where you come up with the whole idea of your video and then figure out how to bring the idea to life using a video camera and the necessary editing software. You need to think the whole process through before starting out, else you will end up with disjointed clips that the audience can’t make sense of.

What’s the story of your video and who is your target audience? You need to set important goals for yourself such as:

When my consumers watch this video, they:

1. Will be able to identify the 3 important benefits of using my product
2. Will know the difference between HDTV and SDTV
3. Will notice that a lot of effort went into this video production.

Be very objective when setting your goals to coordinate easily with business video production  so they will help you come up with a great video production.

• Production

This is where the actual production starts. You are going to establish close-ups, narration, interviews, if any, medium shots, stand ups and any other thing you are going to include in your video production. This is where the actual shooting fun is. If you love playing around with the camera, you are going to really love this part.

There are a number of things you are going to need such as;

1. A camera with several memory cards
2. A tripod for the best shots
3. Spare batteries for your camera
4. A wireless lavalier microphone – if you don’t use one, your video will sound amateurish
5. Headphones – they help you gauge the sound quality

• Post production

This is the part that is either going to make or break your video. This is where you do all the editing, removing any fluff to only remain with the useful parts of the video that communicate what you initially had in mind.