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Choosing the right Video Production Company

If pictures say a thousand words, then videos must be saying a gazillion words. Well crafted words are meant for communication, to elicit a reaction from people, to capture emotions, and put people to actions. In essence every video should speak the right words, and capture the right emotions. Whatever your project is, you need the best helping hands to bring the project to life. Below are a few tips to finding and choosing the right production company for your project.

Company History and Culture

The company you hire for your project should have a history of working on similar projects. The reason is simple, it means there is no transition to make and work can begin in earnest. Additionally, because they invariably become part of your workforce, there style and culture should blend well with yours. You don’t want disruptions down the line due to difference of styles. Their experience in the niche you work in would also valuable as they can draw from their experience to create tested and trusted solutions (not in terms of ideas; ideas should be fresh and unique).

Results, Results, Results

In whatever business that you do, it is all about the bottom-line; every business decision should result in improved returns. If a production company doesn’t track the success of their projects, then they aren’t serious. Until you get a proof of this, never hire them. When I mean proof, I mean real ones gotten from speaking to clients, not the testimonial written on their website, or word of mouth.


Video production is the same as other commodities; you get exactly what you pay for. However, searching for quality should never have to break your camel’s back. You need to do your research, ask questions from industry friends, check authoritative websites, and receive quotes from different companies. The different quotes will give you a rough idea of the ideal price for your project. Also remember that the type of project will impact greatly on the cost – live action video production costs more than animated explainer videos.


Can they deliver within the time frame that you have given them? This question is especially important if you are pressed for time and you have an upcoming launch. You should consider changing your choice if they can’t deliver within the time frame, no matter how much you wanted the company to handle your projects.

Don’t be bamboozled

You probably came across their website and you see this fantastic video showing a quick demo reel and you absolutely loved it. It’s not a bad idea to love it; it’s what you do afterwards. If not for anything, the video should propel you to dig further.

Hopefully this post has given you the features and factors you should consider in a video production Sydney company for your projects. It’s your project, and you have a chance to make it great!