Top 3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaner

When you have been tripped over at your office because of clutters, there’s no doubt you need to have it cleaned. You’re lucky you didn’t get injured, but you may not get so lucky next time. Whilst choosing amongst the many cleaners in the country, you can narrow down your list by asking a few questions. Here are some enquiries you must ask a commercial cleaner:

How long will you take?

If the commercial cleaner uses the latest equipment, it won’t take him long to thoroughly clean the area. However, if he decides to use the old-fashioned broom and a dustpan, it may take him a few hours before he finishes. Just so you know, it would be great if they give you an estimate of when they expect to finish.

Will you tell us when you’ll need to come back?

After the professional cleaner is done with the job, you can’t expect the office to be thoroughly clean. Therefore, it would be great if the professional will remind you when he’d need to come back and clean the area again.

Will we need to evacuate the office whilst you clean?

There are some cleaners that request employees to temporarily evacuate the office whilst they clean. Unfortunately, you’re going to waste time and you may end up staying longer. Therefore, it would be better to choose a commercial cleaner that won’t request you to leave the office whilst they clean or ones that they schedule the cleaning after or before office hours.

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