Timber Rip Ups: Tips for Removing Carpet from Wooden Floors

We can’t deny how functional carpets are in keeping the house warm during winter. Aside from that, the impact of an accident is reduced compared to the slippery vinyl flooring and tiles. Over time, the charm of this material fades, showing stains and spots on the fabric. If you are planning to do timber rip ups, you must remove the carpet from the wooden floor first. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Know what you want

First, ask yourself what you really want for the house. Are you doing the timber rip ups because you’re planning to replace the material or not? For instance, if you’re replacing the wooden floor into tiles, then, you need to find the expert that specialises in this activity.

Therefore, make up your mind and ask experts for advice. After all, when the carpet is removed on the floor, you’ll see if the wood can be restored. If not, then install a new product.

2. Save money on new hardwood floors

The carpet can leave marks and stains on the flooring. It takes some time before these are ultimately removed from the material. Although there are companies who specialise in this activity, you can save money if you’re going to install new hardwood floors. So, weight the decision based on the benefits and the price of service.

3. Repurpose the wood

If you’re planning to repurpose the material, make sure to seek help from the contractor. This way, they can be careful when stripping the floor. We all know how hard it is to remove the adhesive of the carpet from the wood, so instruct the professionals ahead of time to prevent damages. As long as the supply is still in good condition, you can repurpose it.

Companies like timber rip ups company provide extensive services for residential and commercial properties. They can help remove the old and brittle timber, so you can install a new material.