Roller Doors: A Troubleshooting Guide

Just like any home fixtures, issues can happen in roller doors no matter how durable they can be. Even how careful you use them, it still prone to damages. Would you need to call an expert immediately when issues take place? Not too soon. Below are few of the most common roller doors issues and their DIY repair hacks:

Shimmies going down and the door shakes

Most of the time, this is because the roller doors are bagged up to the top or they are running unevenly. Another reason this issue occurs is the tension springs are not correctly set, making the motors doing all the work. Unfortunately, this problem may shorten the life of your door.

Easy Fix: Close the door and put more pressure on the area that is higher going down. In case easy fix did not work, call a technician right away to repair the issue.

You are hearing loud screeching noise whilst operating the door

This could be due to dust and dirt on the tracks.

Easy fix: Clean the track using a cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning. Relubricate them when needed.  Using WD-40, and other lubricants like that are not recommended.

The door is closing uncontrollably fast

This is usually caused by torsion spring getting loose. This problem can give motor strain, thus shortening the life of your motor. If the springs on the motor break, it is dangerous to people.

Easy fix: The only fix here is replacing torsion springs. If you are not trained to do so, you should call a technician.

The remote control fails to work

Check if the button on the motor is working, if it does, then check on the motor lights

Easy fix: Change batteries, then it should get fixed. If it does not, then there could be more serious issues. Call a technician right away.

Door opener not working using the wall switch or the remote

Easy fix: Make sure that there is enough power supply to your roller doors, plug another appliance into the power source. If this method works, then the problem is with the door itself. Calling a technician is advised.

Knowing some of these tips will help you to solve the problem. But still, it is advisable to let the experts to the job for the better result. For more info, click here!