Questions a Patent Trademark Attorney Will Ask About Your Invention

If you want to apply for a patent, you must approach a patent trademark attorney. The process will be a long and rigorous one. It’s not something you’ll get in a few hours. It will take several weeks and maybe even months depending on the requirements. When you meet with the lawyer, you must be prepared because he’ll surely ask these questions about your invention:

  • Who created it?

This question can bring back fond memories. You may have to explain how you created the invention so the patent trademark attorney will believe you’re the creator. In this case, a simple “Yes!” won’t be enough especially if it’s not a convincing one.

  • Who owns it?

The person who created it can be different from the person who owns it. There are times when the creator sold it to another company for a price he can’t possibly refuse. The creator will think he can create something similar anyway. However, that rarely happens so the creator and the owner are usually the same person.

  • Have you recently used it?

The right answer to this question would be yes. It would be silly to apply for a patent if you haven’t used it for a long time. Besides, you’re trying to protect it because you’ll use it frequently in the future. You’re scared someone else might claim the invention to be his. It may be a long process but it will be worth it once you’ll sleep easy knowing it’s legally yours.

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