Questions to Ask a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Were you just pulled over because you were driving on the highway after drinking a bucket of beer? After getting caught for DUI, you must keep in mind you might go to jail because of it. Therefore, you must hire a criminal defence lawyer to assist you. You’re in a tough situation and it’s not easy to get out of it just by paying the bail. The next thing you must do is to ask the attorney these questions:

Was I arrested properly?

You must tell the criminal defence lawyer what happened when you were arrested. If there was a part when the police officers didn’t perform the correct procedure, you can get released. Of course, you’re going to need proof you’re telling the truth because the officers who arrested you may say the opposite of what you’re saying.

What are my rights?

As a law-abiding citizen, you have rights after you get pulled over. You must know them so you can inform your loved ones what happened to you.

What will happen next?

The attorney will know what will happen next after he learns about the severity of your case. There’s a possibility you can be released on bail and there’s also a chance you’ll need to spend several days in jail. It all depends on what happened. If someone was hurt due to your recklessness, you’re dealing with a grave offence.

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