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Promotional Video Production Tricks that Work

Promotional Video Production Tricks that Work

Promotional video production can work wonders for your business. Online marketing that utilises videos is shown to dramatically increase website click-through-rates and conversions. Social media and Google algorithm trends support this, as they continually adapt to cater to videos. This is perhaps why more and more companies are focusing on this form of media.

It’s not enough to include promotional video production in your marketing campaigns. It’s necessary to make them effective for your purpose. Just because you have marketing videos out doesn’t mean you’ll get hits. These tricks will help you create campaigns that work.

Make it short and sweet

The average user doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare just to watch your advertisement. Recent data suggest that your audience will decide in 3 to 5 seconds if your videos are worth watching. If not, they’re on to the next thing. Don’t tell yourself that there is a multitude of other campaigns running alongside your own. Long videos – just like a long copy – doesn’t work anymore.

Your video should ideally be 30 seconds long and interesting. This means you’ll have to be precise about the details and purpose of your campaign. Within those 30 seconds, you need to introduce the product or service, convince the audience they need it and cram in a call-to-action. It might seem like a stretch, but it’s the current format for most campaigns nowadays.

Don’t underestimate the power of planning

The most important thing you can do for this type of campaign is to plan. Since everything needs to be concise, every single detail needs to be well thought out. A few things you need to include in your plan are:

  1. Script
  2. Style
  3. Music/Sound Effects
  4. Equipment
  5. Manpower


The right team can make all the difference

The right production team can make or break the campaign. It’s important that you choose an experienced and highly-skilled group for the job. In most cases, the production team will be responsible for the equipment, manpower and creative execution. All you’ll need to do is coordinate with them. For reliable promotional video production services, contact Stitch Productions today.