How to Pick E-Liquid Fruit Flavours

E-liquid fruit flavours are becoming more and more popular amongst vapers because of their sweet taste. They’re a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to binge on calorie-laden snacks! If you’re looking for a juice that suits your needs, here are a few tips that might help.

Consider the base.

E-liquid fruit flavours can be made with either vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol or a mixture of both. Each has its own advantages.

1.Propylene Glycol – This is one of the most popular bases, as it’s less viscous than its counterpart. This makes it easier for vapers to refill their atomisers without making a mess. It also has less density as compared to vegetable glycerine, which means it doesn’t create a lot of tar.

This base is both odourless and tasteless. This makes it perfect for blending in flavours, especially if you want them to stand out. They’re great for throat-vapers. However, in some cases, propylene glycol does cause allergic reactions. If you’re someone who is allergic to many things, this might not be the right base for you.

2.Vegetable Glycerine – This is an all-natural base. It’s a derivation of vegetable oil, which means it’s safe for ingestion. It’s a highly viscous base and can give a thick feel to vapour. It also produces thicker clouds with higher densities. They’re also easier on the throat, making it easy to vape.

Vegetable glycerine has an inherently sweet taste. This will affect any flavourings you’ll add to the juice. It’s best for sub-ohm vaping.

3.Mixture – These two bases can be mixed in varying ratios, the most popular being 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. This gives vapers the best of both worlds. Vegetable glycerine improves the density of the clouds whilst propylene glycol balances out the flavours. It also makes the juice suitable for any vaping unit.

It can be confusing to find a juice that’s right for you. These considerations should help when you’re picking out your next e-liquid fruit flavours. For more information on e liquid online, consult Mixology Vapes today.