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Pest Control – Do Not Worry Hereafter!

We know you’re the trouble you undergo. In the wind, under your mattress, inside your cupboard and even in your kitchen and garden these little creatures are to be seen, actually we can not see it until we watch closer about it. But every kind of pesticides is available now. There are two methods to pest control. They are Biological and chemical pest control method.

Chemical method;

• Chemical pesticides are used to control pests, diseases and weeds. It is toxic to the pests which will kill them. Chemical pesticides are used to protect plants from pests this is about plants protection products. There are main categories of pesticides such as fungicides and herbicides and there are pesticides to get rid off pests found at home that is comparatively less toxic.

Positive and negative side of using chemical method;

Chemical pesticides are relatively cheaper. They are very effective and also widely available. This is fast acting and it limits the damages caused to the crops. Though chemical pesticides have its major drawback it has a high demand because of the low cost. Major drawback is chemical pesticides are toxic not only to the particular pests but also to the other organisms. Another disadvantage is they are effective only for short time period. And most of us are careless when disposing a chemical container that is also a drawback. Please be attentive when using pesticides.

Biological method;

• Biological method assumes that to bring extremely new enemies to control pest. This is beneficial to parasites pathogens and predators.

Positive and negative side of using biological method;

Just because this is ‘natural’ it doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages. That is you should tolerate some level of infestation, cost is often high.

Possibly now you can decide what pest control you must take.

But if you are worried about using chemicals, look in to these methods below.

Want to keep your home pests-free without using chemicals?

• Tea tree, rosemary, citronella and lavender these kind of Oils and plants would keep the bugs way.
• Sprinkling coffee grounds would keep the ants at bay.
• Apple cider vinegar would chase away flies.

And Many more, but before setting your foot on chemicals, you have to try cleaning and using natural pest control. Obviously pests are part of nature. We can not just out number. What we have to do is to keep them away from our garden, home and office. Also we shouldn’t just ignore them too it will push us down the drain.

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