Why You Need to Hire an Expert Tree Lopper

When it comes to tree lopping, a lot of unfortunate things can happen if you consider DIY instead of hiring a professional tree lopper. You should never take the risk since you may encounter the following problems:

  • Falling off the ladder
  • Lacking equipment, like ropes, harness and chainsaws. This means you won’t do the job right. The use of mechanical equipment and guide ropes are necessary, especially if you need to remove large branches.
  • Having a hard time using a chainsaw and bringing it up the tree. Balancing while lifting something heavy is not a good combination when climbing trees.
  • Instead of something that is easy to do, you could suffer a major disaster if you have no experience in tree lopping. A tree lopper is trained to ensure that the work will be finished in the quickest possible time.
  • Damaging your neighbour’s property.
  • No warranty. Unlike a professional, your damages and injuries are not covered by insurance. This makes your job risky. Are you ready to take the risk by doing something you are not trained for? What if you hurt someone or destroy your neighbour’s property?

Now that you know that there are a lot of risks you have to face, it is time to examine the benefits of hiring a professional tree lopper:

  • Works safely and follows Australian Work Health & Safety acts
  • Checks the boundary and power lines safety
  • Services are insured and the work is guaranteed
  • Uses high-quality equipment
  • Gives sound advice and knows how to deal with the local council
  • Provides tree stump removal and clean up services
  • Informs you how to maintain and take good care of your trees

Is everything clear now? In a nutshell, don’t experiment when it comes to removing trees. Get the job done right with the help of Adelaide Arborists tree loppers to avoid accidents, injuries and damage to property. Save time and money by turning to experts today!