3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

As summer comes, it’s essential to conduct a few inspections at home to see if everything is running smoothly. This includes your cooling system, which is a valuable addition to any household. After all, you won’t be affected by the heat if you have this appliance. However, when it starts conking out in the middle of your supposed vacation, it’s time to get air conditioning repair right away.

Here are some signs you need an expert’s help:

Ice on the Air Conditioner

Come to think of it, seeing ice on your cooling system may not seem like a big deal. After all, the job of your unit is to keep things cool, and what better way to do than produce ice? Wrong. Seeing ice form inside your air conditioning unit is a sign that something is wrong. This appliance is certainly not a freezer, so ice shouldn’t be seen at all.

If you notice this, try checking your air filter. This indicates that your filter has become clogged with dirt over time, leading it a restricted airflow within the system. As a result, condensation can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. If ice is present on the outside, this indicates that there is a leak in your system.

Strange Sounds

If you start to notice gurgling sounds or other strange noises from your air conditioner, this is a sign that it’s undergoing a lot of stress. Aside from being overworked, this tells you that the components are not working properly. A loose component may be banging up with other parts or a metal may be grinding on another piece.

Short Cycle

You don’t expect the house to be completely cooled once you turned on your cooling system. Of course, this would take a few minutes before it can run smoothly. However, when the device is on, this should run in a fairly regular manner. Meaning, it should start up and stay until you turn it off.

When you find that your system is starting up only to run for a brief period of time, and then repeating the whole cycle, you may have a problem on your hands.

Call Rob Martin Electrical if you see these three signs. Get expert air conditioning repair service from them to have a worry-free summer.