3 Ways to Make Corporate Office Workwear Exciting

Almost everyone knows how boring it is to put on corporate office workwear every day of the week. As a matter of fact, you might be itching to break the dress code just to spice things up. However, since this can make you look bad in front of your boss and colleagues, you may need to find another way. Here are three creative means to spruce up your office wardrobe:

Inject Some Colour

Corporate Workwear

The easiest way to make your corporate look more exciting is by adding some colour. You could wear eye-catching prints and patterns to add pizzazz to an otherwise plain and boring look. You can even wear bright solid colours, allowing the design and structure of your garment to shine. If you want to make a bold statement and ‘wow’ your colleagues, consider wearing banker stripes, a gingham dress or even a maroon pant. Keep the rest of your outfit simple so your coloured clothes could pop out even from afar.

Accessorise Well

If you want to elevate your look and have a more understated elegance, consider accessorising well. Don’t be tempted to bust out your biggest jewels. Not only will this scream tacky and cheap, you might also give the wrong idea about you. To really stand out whilst looking sleek and simple, you can just wear a timeless piece. This can be a necklace, bracelet or even watch that complete your whole outfit.

Use a Statement Jacket

For women who want to channel a strong and powerful persona in the office, using a statement jacket will work in your favour. You can use a structured blazer in a bold shade to make you feel confident as you go about your day. Should you have a meeting outside of your office, you can put on a sleek coat or don a cosy cardigan.

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