Kitchen Designs to Consider When Decorating an L-Shaped Layout

If you’re new to the idea of choosing kitchen designs for this type of layout, let us first give you an idea of what it looks like. When we speak of an L-shaped layout, it’s where the counters, and sometimes the cabinets as well, are placed to look like they’re forming the letter L.

Here are kitchen designs to consider when working on an L-shaped layout:

Add a kitchen island – Having a kitchen island allows the room to have a focal point and veers away from the traditional table and chairs set-up. It can also serve as an additional storage for those with a small-to-midsized space or a space-filler for a large-sized one.

Provide a lot of storage – Storage is one of the main factors to consider when designing any layout. The size of cabinets as well the spacing of the shelves inside it small but crucial things to be mindful of.

If it doesn’t disrupt the design elements of the room, consider having a large cabinet either placed at the corner or next to your refrigerator (with heights proportionate with one another) if you aren’t opting for a kitchen island.

Consider the “Working Triangle” rule – Are you aware of the “working triangle”? It’s a rule where it’s best to place the three main elements of a kitchen: stove/oven, sink and refrigerator in close distance from one another. This rule increases productivity and saves time as well as the energy of the ones busy working up a meal.

Make it spacious and conversation-friendly – Having an L-shaped layout makes the room an open-space to move around in. It’s also a good place to hang-out in when you have guests over for drinks.

Always aim to keep your kitchen looking at it as possible and avoid leaving utensils outside when not in use and make sure the interior decorations you add to the room do not take up the space you L-shaped layout aims to provide.

L-shaped layouts are sure to look their best when kitchen designs are well-thought of and if they fit the personality of the owner. The Belle Décor kitchen designs can help you with this matter.