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Tips for Finding a Sales Job in Thailand for Foreigners 

Thailand is a great country for vacationing and it provides a great respite from the chilling sub zero temperatures back home. The people are friendly and warm and food amazing but if you plan on staying there indefinitely you will need a job to support yourself. There are a few things you should keep in mind while looking for a job in Thailand.

Focus on your appearance

Thai natives lay a lot of emphasis on clean and well groomed appearances of their sales staff as they think that customers will be impressed by their attractive and smart appearance. Remember Thais frown upon tattoos, body piercing and dreadlocks. Even if you have tattoos try covering it by dressing in a suitable way.

Utilise your communication skills

Any industry which focuses on tourist traffic will want to hire sale staffs who know how to speak good English. Thai natives usually speak broken English with an accent so they will appreciate foreigners with good English language skills.

Working in Thailand for foreigners will require you to focus on your excellent communication abilities and aptitude in dealing with foreign tourists. You might even have a chance to qualify for a managerial position at a hotel which sees a lot of English speaking tourist traffic.

Target the tourism industry

For foreigners who want to work in Thailand, it is not that difficult to targe the right industry and the right positions. The tourism industry has a lot of openings which are ideal for people of foreign origin especially those who speak good English. Sales jobs for tourism companies, diving companies and the hotels are the best options. You can try asking around the major sources for news of any job vacancy. However the best way would be to go through an experienced job consultant as he can provide you with a lot of options.