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5 strategies for a successful job hunt

Take initiative and don’t wait for vacancies to be published. Around 75% of vacancies are filled before they are advertised so be on the lookout for tell-tale recruitment signs. Make a list of your targeted companies and check out the social networking platforms of those companies. Any news of acquisitions, new projects and partnerships is sure to get featured in blogs, twitter or F.B accounts of these companies. Prepare a good covering letter and send it along with your CV. Even if you do not land a job, you are sure to get noticed for your pro activeness.
Distinguish yourself so that you stand out from the crowd. Try innovative approaches like sending along your CV with a miniature plastic Christmas tree. If the company does not have any suitable job openings at that particular time, be sure of receiving a call in the future.

Network and then network some more. You don’t have to be pushy or desperate, just let your contacts know that you are looking out for better options/job hunting. Also make sure that your knowledge, training, skills and abilities are highlighted properly.

Make your online profile attractive to employers. Potential employers often check out the Tweets and Face book accounts of candidates to get a better insight into their personality. Be active on professional networking sites like Linked In.

Consider updating your qualifications with a short term vocational course. Survey your area of interest and carefully study the current job trends. If you feel that a particular skill/course can add immense value, go for it. Be confident and happy job hunting!


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