How Line Marking Services Are Prepared

When you hire a professional team to do line marking services for your sporting event or locale, there are a few preparations that they need to do before adding the actual marks. This ensures that you don’t experience problems that can arise during the event itself.

  • The Professionalism of a Line Marker Service Provider

When prepping grass surfaces, the last part of the job that is done is brushing the grass and trimming it short. This allows the company to make sure that the green is free from any debris that can compromise the integrity of the line’s marking fluid.

If you have any hard or artificial surfaces, you would want to perform some brushing to remove any dust and debris from the surface. This allows the material to adhere properly.

  • Using Correct Dimensions

The next thing that line marking services will make sure of is the correct dimensions around the pitch that they are making for a particular sport. There are different dimensions depending on the sport, so it’s smart to always use wire guides where possible.

The difference between a pro and an amateur is the accuracy. A pro follows the measure twice, cut once mentality of accuracy. They understand that their name is on the line and making a bad lining can lead to financial repercussions for the company. Poor line marks are due to less preparation, bad work ethic or too little time allocation.

As with any professional level jobs out there, they will also make sure that the entire line mark procedure is safe and hazard-free before, during and after the installation of the marking service.

  • Safety Aspects of Line Marks

Some of the SOP of the pro lines people are to study and understand the datasheet and operations manuals of both the equipment and the material. The standard operating procedure always reminds them to follow the package instruction for the materials that are about to be used.

There have been instances of marking material that has herbicide or pesticide materials diluted in them to help with grass turfs. This is typically a banned material in many countries and its use might depend on the state.

Using creosote and hydrated lime is illegal in all line marking services. A licensed line marker will not only avoid using these but will actively advocate against their proliferation to make sure that both their employees and eventual users of the pitch will be fully safe when they use the court they lined. So if ever you need professional help, consult line marking services Brisbane.