Things about Coffee you didn’t already know

Words like coffee and coffee beans are an essential part of our mortal existence. But who can imagine that the two words can share a comfortable camaraderie with elephant dung or enemas. They enjoy the inspiring patronage of even the great music composer Bach.

Historical background

The Ormos are nomadic inhabitants of Ethiopio. The history of this beverage is indebted to them since the beginning of the first millennium. The grounded coffee beans were mixed with animal fat and became popular as energy bars.

The Arabs created a drink called qahwa which was believed to enhance alertness. Coffee beans were brought by them from Africa and were boiled to create this new drink. Coffee enemas were strongly recommended by some researchers. Their power of detoxifying the liver along with stimulating the metabolic process received great kudos. It was looked up to as a cure for cancer.

But some claim that their usage can prove fatal. Depleted electrolytes and the poor quality of the enema equipment can bring forth severe health hazards. The walls of the intestine can undergo irreparable damage.

Modern findings

The findings of modern public health show that this beverage has a benign aspect. People who consume six or more cups of coffee are less prone to suffer from prostrate cancer. The world wide menace of breast cancer can seek refuge here. It can reduce the danger of this disease considerably.

Genetic factors determine a person’s physical structure. But scientists claim that there is definitely a link between consumption of coffee and smaller size of breasts. Drinking of at least three cups of coffee regularly is believed to create surreal experiences in human beings.