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What Happens on the First Day of the Film Production

What Happens on the First Day of the Film Production

Morning: Arrival at Location

Unload the equipment (all you can, eliminating the risk of theft, etc.) the day before and have everything packed and ready to be transported and loaded/unloaded easily. Power up and power your vehicles and yourself. Eat something nourishing and that will keep you as much as possible.

Plan to arrive early at the venue with at least an hour. Yes, you must be already there before anyone else because it’s your film production and you must be sure that everything is in order. Download and unzip how much you can, paying attention to everything around you. Try to predict potential needs or requirements of performers and crew.

Checklists: Set Layout and Safety Procedures

The next people to reach the set should be the crewmembers. Have ready copies of the scripts, contact lists, equipment inventory, etc. Review and recap together for a plan for the whole day. Check that everyone has the contacts of the others (or walkie/reception), have ready the first-aid kit and make sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it. Inform on the working conditions (e.g. for tripods lights use only secured with sandbags, do not play with the filming equipment, etc).

Characters: Singers/Actors/Extras

Whilst the team arranges the set and equipment, the actors will arrive. Meet with them in a suitable place, preferably outside the set to review the last-minute issues and any concerns or questions they have. For a successful film production, make a few small rehearsals and help them relax. Again, try to foresee any needs/requirements.

1-2-3 Test: Check the Levels of the Sound and Audio Tests

The audio part makes or breaks a film production. The only way to know if it works properly or not is to test. Test ahead of time. You already tested with the sound engineer the equipment the night before and have visited each location in pre-production to check if it is ok for audio. But test it again.

Do the microphones record correctly? Is playback okay? Batteries and accumulators of the microphones are loaded? The camera pulls the sound right? Are audio levels okay or distorted? Is there noise in the background? Test, test, test!

Lights: Indoor/Outdoor Settings, Power, Control

Light is never evenly distributed. If shooting outside, is there a clear sky or cloudy? Each situation will have its own challenges. Will the sunlight harsh shadows on faces or dark shadows under the face? A cloudy sky can make it all seem diffuse and flat but better contrasted.

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