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A Guide to an Ultimate High Tea

A Guide to an Ultimate High Tea

For couples who want to save money on their wedding day, they can set the event in time for a high tea. This type of catering only serves light finger food like sandwiches, wine and salads. It’s a refreshing set up because people can be relaxed and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s a guide to an ultimate high tea ceremony:

Wide variety of food

The key to serving great food is by having a variety of cuisine. Sandwiches and cakes are a staple, but you can also be creative and ask the caterer for suggestions. There can be pasta, pizza or burgers just to let guests have more options.

Some people are allergic to specific ingredient so make sure to inform the caterer a few weeks before the celebration. It would be nice to ask guests for specific ingredients they can’t consume. It can be included on the RSVP for a quick reference.

Surprising food combination

Add a little twist to the menu by combining unusual foods. You can trust the caterer for this kind of a surprise because they are creative when it comes to the serving.

Caterers like Room with Roses have an exquisite menu that’s perfect for foodies. They serve Raspberry Scones with Chantilly cream and smoked salmon with cheese Roulade. People will be intrigued by the extinct combination and they can be impressed by the taste.

Get the best drinks

The food isn’t the only star of the day because drinks must grab the attention of guests too. Make sure to include the best wine or champagne in the package to give guests a great time. As you know, alcohol starts the party so it’s nice to have the right kind.

Consider the venue

The high tea must be celebrated in a cosy and relaxing place. You can check out Room with Roses for stunning Chandelier rooms with a nice outdoor scene. Visit their website today to see the full list of service.