Frequently Asked Questions About Termidor

If you see that your property is starting to be infested with termites, you must call a pest control company to exterminate them right away. Don’t wait before it’s too late as these pests are very dangerous. They can cause even the sturdiest structures to disintegrate. Despite their size, the damage they can cause is big. When you call a pest control company, they’ll make sure termites won’t enter your property in the future by applying Termidor. If you’re not familiar with it, here are some frequently asked questions about it:

What is Termidor used for?

It’s used to create a barrier against termites that want to enter your property. For termites that are currently infesting your property, Termidor can also be used to kill them because it can also be used as a liquid spray.

Does it also apply to other pests other than termites?

Yes, it does. It can also be used to kill cockroaches, spiders, flies, crickets, bugs, beetles, wasps, ticks and centipedes.

How does it work?

Termidor is infectious. When a termite touches it, the pest becomes a carrier. When it touches other termites, it spreads the substance. It won’t be long before the infected ones die. It’s a method that’s effective because termites usually encounter each other since they form colonies.

How long does it last?

Good news! Your property is expected to be safe from termite infestation for up to 8 years. For a pest control company that uses Termidor effectively, call EPM Pest Control.

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