4 Things to Consider When You Buy Vape Juice

Vape Mods and e-cigarettes are now the alternatives for traditional cigarettes as it’s safer and nicotine content can be controlled or removed entirely. In case you buy vape juice, here are things to consider:


When buying vape juice, the flavour is the most looked for an element in e-liquids. From the traditional tobacco and menthol, you can explore and go for unconventional ones such as chocolate, strawberry, fairy floss, mango and so much more.

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Nicotine Strength

Vape Juice

Nicotine strength is also an important factor when you buy vape juice, especially to those who are just making a from tobacco. It’s advisable for heavy smokers to choose 18-24mg/ml for the nicotine strength. But if you want more flavour then you should stick to a lower dosage. If you don’t want to consume nicotine, there are e-liquid solutions without this content, so you won’t need to worry.


With the popularisation of e-liquids, more and more units are appearing in the market. Unfortunately, not all of these are safe and regulated when it comes to manufacturing. Always do research before purchasing your e-liquids. Some may contain harmful chemicals that are not safe for the body.

It is important to do research this because the vapour from these liquids will enter directly into our bodies and if not guaranteed safe, may cause serious damage.


If you want to save money in buying your e-juice, manufacturers offer lesser prices when you buy in bulk, but this is only favourable to those with a specific flavour in mind. As this may limit you to try other flavours. On the positive side, there are other manufacturers, who retail their e-juices. So, make sure that you get the quality juice over the amount you’re paying for.

When you buy vape juice, make sure to consider these to make the most out of your purchase.