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Common Signage Mistakes To Avoid

Common Signage Mistakes To Avoid

One way to stay ahead of your competitors is to have a signage. However, if not done correctly, it can ruin your business and bring bad impression on your company. So, to help, we listed the common signage pitfalls you should avoid.


Nothing can spoil a brilliant design than having a weak contrast. If the background doesn’t harmonise with the text, your readers will have difficulty in reading and be catching your message. That’s why it is important to make sure that the colours naturally go well together to make it effective for viewers.

Too much information

Too many words and icons can create confusion. So, make it short and simple. Don’t fill every space with design and think carefully about what you want to say and where to put it. Always think that less is more, otherwise, potential customers won’t give your sign a second glance.

The wrong materials

Where your sign is imprinted is just as important as what it looks like. If you don’t choose well, your signage will be a waste because it will easily wear and get damaged. To avoid this, seek advice from professionals like the Art Line Signs. They have a digital printer and offer durable materials. So you are assured you get the best service.

Bad location

Signs are used in creating brand awareness. Where it is located is crucial to make it effective. So, put it in a location where it can be easily seen and where there is a foot traffic. In addition, put it near the post or where there is light so your customer can spot the sign at night or day.

Bad sizing

To make your signage interesting, the right medium of font and graphics should be chosen. You should decide how large your lettering should be depending on your goals. If you are putting on a billboard, use large text, if you are planning to put in near your establishment just use a font that can be read clearly for anyone with normal vision.