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Commercial Cleaning: Complete Office Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Cleaning: Complete Office Cleaning Checklist

Without a doubt, hiring the professionals for commercial cleaning service is a smart move. These people can remove dirt even in the hard-to-reach areas. For people who don’t have any idea what and when to clean a certain item or area, here’s a complete guide:

What to clean daily?

Professional cleaners already know what to do daily. But, if you want an organised process, consider evaluating the daily routine of employees. You can determine which areas are being used every day by staff members. It could be the pantry, since almost everyone eats here, or maybe the comfort room because people use it multiple times a day.

The quickest way to organise the process is to list down the facilities in the office and the items being used. For daily commercial cleaning, you can ask the experts to pay attention to the following:

  • Clear the surface clutter
  • Empty waste and recycling bins
  • Wipe the food preparation area
  • Mop the floors
  • Disinfect bathroom facilities

If you have extra budget, you can ask the cleaners to vacuum the carpet daily. This is to spot spillovers and clean it immediately.

What to sanitise weekly?

For the slightly intensive job, you can ask the experts to perform the following on a weekly basis:

  • Polish glass, mirrors and windows
  • Clean walls and painted surfaces
  • Empty communal fridges
  • Clean kitchen appliances like microwave

The weekly tasks require more time because the items that need to be cleaned are appliances. As you know, these things might be damaged without the proper treatment. So, give the experts more time in cleaning these areas and appliances.

What to do monthly?

The daily cleaning routines like vacuuming the carpet can be done thoroughly once a month. Here’s what to prioritise:

  • Maintaining air conditioning units
  • Polishing the hardwood floors
  • Remove dust from vents
  • Steam clean carpets

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