3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Should Offer

Hiring a wedding photographer for your ceremony isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. With so many considerations, it can be hard to decide which service provider is right for you. Since it’s such a special day, it’s a good idea to be thorough in choosing your photographers. They should provide the right kind of services at a reasonable price.

Here are three things your wedding photographer should offer:

  • Shoot and Burns (Same Day Edits)

Same Day Edits or ‘Shoot and Burns’ are both terms for shooting the wedding, then burning the photos into a CD right after the ceremony. This ensures that the bride and groom have a digital copy of all the photos during the day. Some photographers offer the service along with post-editing services, but it’s rare. You usually get one or the other.

  • Skills in Photoshop

Photoshop used to be something only celebrities had the privilege of having. Nowadays, even regular folk can have the benefits of a digital makeup brush. When consulting with a photographer, make sure you ask about his or her Photoshop skills.

You should also ask to see previous Photoshop work, to ensure that you and the photographer are on the same page. The provider might have done a job that you like the look of, or maybe it just isn’t the right fit. Either way, at least you’re both clear about the expectations.

  • A decent number of photos

You need to know exactly how many photos you’ll be getting in print. This is separate from the digital photos (which you should have copies for as well). Most photographers will offer anywhere from 50 to 100 pieces. A higher rate will likely mean more photographs. On the other hand, some couples prefer not to have printed copies of their photos.

A good wedding photographer isn’t easy to come by. However, they should have basic skills and capabilities to do a simple ceremony. If your photographer offers these three things, they’re qualified enough to shoot your wedding. The Booth Fairy can provide skilled wedding photographer who can cater to your needs. Contact the team today.