3 Questions a Pool Leak Detection Company Will Ask You

When you observe there’s a huge increase in your water bill, you’ll call a plumber to find out if there’s anything wrong with your water systems. If the plumber told you nothing’s wrong, he’ll most likely recommend you to hire a pool leak detection company. When you hire one, they won’t take a swim right away to find out what the problem may be. They’ll ask you several questions first to get to the bottom of the problem. Some of the questions you’ll get asked are:

Is the swimming pool clean?

Of course, the technician needs to have a swim to find any leak at the bottom of the pool. Therefore, you must have it cleaned before calling them. In fact, you should have it cleaned regularly to extend its lifespan. It wouldn’t take long to have it cleaned anyway as you just need to use the right cleaning materials.

How long have you been experiencing the leak?

You can have an estimate of when the leak started based on the time your water bill started to increase. If you don’t swim frequently, you have no other basis other than that. However, if you are swimming regularly, you’ll find out if the water is suddenly decreasing.

Is the swimming pool full to an operational level?

You can only fill the swimming pool up to a certain point. If you fill it with too much water, that can be the cause of the leak. After the technicians find out where it’s coming from, there’s no doubt they’ll tell you to fill it up to the recommended level right away.

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